Reviews of "The Kendall O'Dell Series"

"I have read all of Sylvia Nobel's mystery books. I have enjoyed each one equally. They are entertaining, engaging, fun, mysterious, full of surprises and at the same time give interesting information about Arizona. I read them quickly since I can't put them down and I can't wait for the next one!" 
- Caren

"Great book Sylvia! Thank you so much! So many twists and turns. Just when I think I have figured it out, you pull the rug out from under me. Bravo!" 
- Kelly O'Connor

"Love the books and your movie!! I finished Forbidden Entry, and now re-reading Deadly Sanctuary again, to see how it matches up with the movie!! I do have to say that each one of your books is incredibly better than the previous one!! Your ability to describe the scenery is awesome, your depiction of people and how they handle conflicting situations is marvelous, and your the amazing story lines are beyond and above!! Each book is so perfectly written to become a blockbuster movie!! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all of us. Even more so to 'want to be writers'!" 
- Jane

"Just Finished reading Forbidden Entry.  A home run. S. Nobel delivered again, as she did with the first four installments of the Kendall O’Dell series."  
- A. Piotrowski

"I am just finishing the Kendall O'Dell Mystery Series for the first time and have fallen in love with Kendall and Tally. I am thrilled to know there is a 5th book in the offing. It can't come fast enough and I hope that there will be many more to follow. For three years I have read women sleuths exclusively by women authors and this is one of the top five favorite series to date! I am excited by your close role in the movie production for it's hard to find a movie that does justice to a book.    Thank you a million times for writing this series that keeps my retirement from being anything but boring! I read a book a day and yours are such a treat I reread them already because of the relationship of your heroine and her darling cowboy. Thank you for the wonderful sights of Arizona, especially the sunsets. Being from the Midwest, I could only dream of the colors inherent in the richness of the Arizona sky." 
- Love always, Barb

"As an avid reader of mysteries, I highly recommend Sylvia Nobel's Mysteries. After reading four of her books, I came away feeling Surprised, and Excited for more. They were not only suspenseful, but also addictive, and I am not easily caught off guard.. which was exciting!! Thank you Sylvia! Great work! I can't wait for the next one." 
- C.Toyos

"Anyone looking for some incredible mysteries? Sylvia's book are the best! And even greater, if you are in Arizona and know the areas she's writing about....but no matter what, amazingly spellbinding stories! Only problem? She's not able to write one a day!" 
- Jane H

"I love her character and your books have made me want to live in Arizona!" 
- Rachelle

Hi Sylvia, "Anyone looking for good reading material, this author packs a wallop! Mystery, love, tension, her books have it all. Once u read one of her books you'll be lining up to read the others. Oh, the hero is a woman - makes it all the more fun!" 
- Helene Monte

I bought my wife a set of your Kendall O’Dell books one year for our anniversary while we were at the Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg. She started reading them then she had some doctor appointments and left the book with me in the waiting room. Well I picked it up and started reading and the next thing I knew was I was waiting for her to finish the book so I could finish it. That was the way it was for the entire set. My wife said she had NEVER seen me read before (and I usually don’t read books). My wife and I are waiting for the next adventure for Kendall. As we are snowbirds we connect with the Arizona locations and landscapes. Thanks for a fascinating set to read. 
- Jon

The past several weeks I've spent reading all 4 of the Kendall O'Dell books. Back in December I had gotten Deadly Sanctuary as a free ebook for my kindle for android. I hadn't really had much time to read, but I recently had to travel so decided now would be a great time to read. I couldn't stop reading and purchased the other 3 ebooks and the same. The stories seem very real in the adventure and the love story between Kendall and Tally is one that takes a hold of the heart. It is so natural and clean, not over sexed. I'm usually not a mystery novel reader and have talked to several friends about these books and how they have got to read them. I'm really hoping that Ms. Nobel will continue to write more books in this series. I've already started rereading them and there were several things missed the first time around. Wonderful series and hope to see more. It has gotten me back into reading again.
- Thanks so much. - Janet

Hi Sylvia, Just finishing up book 2....well, actually finished it en-route to Wichita this morning. 🙂 I like your books. You must storyboard the hell out of them because the setup is so gradual it is like a puzzle and as you get more and more pieces it falls together perfectly. Not sure how that came out, but it is meant as a compliment. I compare your writing to that of older know, the ones with a character build up and story line rather than the modern ones that rely on technology, sex, shock and awe in lieu of a real story. And I like the addition of the cats. 🙂 Thanks again Sylvia. Good stories and a classy writer! 
- Bill

Miss Nobel, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoy your books. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Prescott and you signed all your books for me. You have turned me into a book reader. The problem with me in the past and the reason why I could not get into reading is because the writing did not keep my attention. Yours are completely the opposite!!! I have never read so much in my life. I can not put yours down, I look forward to reading your books every night! I even had to buy a reading lamp, heck I did not even know what one was and now I have two. I love the Kendall O'dell books, I just finished Dark moon crossing, and now I'm going to start Seeds of Vengeance. Could you please let me know if there will be another Kendall O'Dell? I'm also very interested in any of your other ones. They way you write it's so easy for me to picture. Well that's a lot for just wanting to take a minute. Again, thank you for introducing me to reading!!!!! 
- Very Sincerely, A big Fan of yours, Russ D'Amico

I was settled in reading the book "Deadly Sanctuary" when John appeared and asked "ARE YOU COMING TO BED TONIGHT?" I RESPONDED BY SAYING, "WHEN I FINISH THE BOOK." Thank you again Sylvia for sharing you talents and getting me started on the mystery series novels. 
- Sara

Nite Owl Books, I purchased Deadly Sanctuary back in 1998 at a book signing at Motorola (as proof, I have the original cover design and Sylvia dated her signing). I wasn't into mysteries, but the idea of a local story caught my attention. However, I didn't actually read it until last month (remember, not into mysteries). Well, I LOVED IT! As soon as I was done with the book I jumped onto the website hoping Sylvia had published more. Thankfully she had three more in the series AND was going to be at a book signing in two weeks. So of course I waited patiently (mostly) and met her again today at Barnes and Noble to buy the rest of her books. Sylvia's a really nice lady and I definitely enjoy her work. I enjoyed it so much I also bought Chasing Rayna. Now I'm not into romance novels either, but I'm pretty sure this one's not going to sit on the shelf 11 years waiting to be read. Thanks, Sylvia!
- Brandon Lent Gilbert, AZ

Sylvia, I "stumbled" upon you years ago at Bretanos Scottsdale at a book signing for Deadly Sanctuary. I fell in love with Kendall O'Dell and your writing. It's been a long time since a character and an author took my breath away. I've read them all plus Chasing Rayna (I wish there were more books in this series). I'm waiting with baited breath for the next Kendall O'Dell mystery. Please hurry up. Thank you for your writing. It's fabulous!!! 
- Heidi Cunningham Torrance, CA

Sylvia, It was so nice to see you at Wickenburg's Gold Rush days once again. I've already read (rather devoured) "Seeds of Vengeance" as a friend of mine purchased it when it first came out but I waited till Gold Rush to purchase a signed copy for myself. "Seeds of Vengeance" can best be described as an 'OH MY GOD' book. As one gets deeper and deeper into the pages, one cannot help but say "OH MY GOD!", and with the next turn of the page, "OH MY GOD!". This continues until the very last page......... wonderful Sylvia, you truly have a gift for writing. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment and excitement.
- Barbara Greissing, Eagle Roost Airpark Arizona

"I want you to know that I passed up a horse drawn carriage ride & a trip to the desert because I was so involved with this book! I loved the twists & turns & the guessing I did as to "Who done it." 
- Connie Mitchell, Wickenburg, AZ|

Do you have another book in the Making? I was introduced to your books last summer as I was looking for a "good" book to read on my trip to London. Lucky for me, you were at Borders and were signing books. I bought three of your books. I love the mystery, romance, and forensics that lace each and every one of your fabulous books. I've read all of them and I'm waiting with baited breath for your next book. Thank you for allowing me to enter your world of mystery. 
- Helen Howard-Jarrah

"OMG-have read everything she has written--better than Nora Roberts." 
- Lynn, Tucson, AZ

Hi, This is Karen from Surprise, Arizona. I am on my last Sylvia Nobel book. Please hurry and write more. I haven't read mystery books since high school. I read one of Sylvia's books and now I am totally hooked. I bought every book she has written. 
- Thanks, Karen

Dear Sylvia, I purchased Dark Moon Crossing from you last weekend at the Courthouse Square in Prescott. You asked me to write to you and let you know what I thought of it. Your books are simply amazing, and this one is especially so. For one thing, you present several different viewpoints on the complex problems dealing with illegal aliens. It is a gripping story, but there are moments so downright funny I can't help but laugh out loud. It is always interesting to read about different places in Arizona. I look forward to seeing you soon and purchasing the next in this series. Keep up the good work. 
- Sincerely, Linda Bock