Praise for "Space of Love"

“Space of Love brings a powerful message of hope to those living with autism. However, the message reaches far beyond that to anyone who, in the face of unexpected adversity and an uncertain future, has longed for a practical and profound path to living in the Space of Love more than they had dreamt possible.
- Reader Reviews

Gayle Nobel has written with gritty honesty, humility and wisdom about the bumps and potholes she has traversed, often more than once, in her journey. Believe me, you will not regret traveling with her and sharing the sights and insights she shares with you along the way."
- William F Pettit Jr, MD, psychiatrist  and student and sharer of the Three Principles since 1983

“Gayle Nobel allows us to enter the complex world of parenting an individual with autism on many exacting levels.  Near the beginning she writes, ‘Resistance is the source of my stress, our stress as humans.’ That was enough for me to realize I had to learn more from this most wise woman.
- Reader Reviews

This is a guide to the mindful parenting of exceptional individuals, with respect, insight and pure delight!  Rainer Maria Rilke’s work comes to mind.  ‘Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human being’s, infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.’ 
- Reader Reviews 

Gayle does exactly this for herself, for her family and for her son and now for us all.  Her journey is all our journeys.”
- Raun Melmed, MD
Co-founder and medical director, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, director, Melmed Center, and author of  Autism and the Extended Family: A Guide for Those Who Know and Love Someone with Autism

“I found Space of Love incredibly human, practical, wise, and extremely helpful for parents of children with autism. These personal stories of challenges that face any parent, especially the unique needs of autistic people, will guide parents toward trusting more deeply in their own inner source of wisdom and insight. The simplicity of ‘not knowing’ and creating a space within for insight to fill the vacuum created will be a relief to all who read and embrace Gayle’s generous sharing of her life’s journey.”
- Joseph Bailey, licensed psychologist and author of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life” The Serenity Principle, and many others.

"Space of Love by Gayle Nobel is an uplifting book for parents of children who are challenged by autism or other developmental issues. Sprinkled with ponderings and poetry about the parenting such a life requires, this book offers amazing insights. Sharing her positive mindset in a beautiful format, the author guides the reader to transform the weight of worries and runaway thoughts into affirmatives for a more joyful life. The author’s inner wisdom resonates throughout the book, inspiring hope and nourishing the soul. This is a wonderful companion to her previous book, Breathe.”
- Connie Hammer, MSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, family consultant and author of Autism Parenting: Practical Strategies for a Positive School Experience - Over 300 tips to help parents enhance their child’s school success.

“Space of Love is a beautifully written book about our ability to live from a place that is deeper than intellect and logic: a space of love, where all is well and wisdom guides our actions. Through her touching stories and poetry, Gayle points us toward that space that is there at all times, even in the most challenging and uncertain of circumstances. I most highly recommend this book for anyone.”
- Amy Johnson, PhD, author of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit

“Space of Love, Gayle Nobel’s latest book, reflects the culmination of periscoped tension begun with her previous books, It’s All About Attitude and Breathe. It is impossible to classify her work as poetry, prose or philosophy when one reads such beautifully crafted language such as  “ ... the projector on the screen of our consciousness creating the movie called life.” Gayle Nobel takes us on her journey and we, in turn, find our own vigorously enriched.”
- Rachelle K. Sheely, PhD, president, RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)

“Space of Love invites the reader to go beyond the spectrum of autism and into the wisdom that lies within all.  Though the stories are related to autism, the principles that underlie it pertain to all."
- David Westerman, mental and performance coach

“What a treasure!  As in her other books, Gayle is able to share from her very heart and soul.  Her courage in taking us on her journey through life with Kyle has no limits.  One of my favorite questions from the book is, ‘What if you decide not to decide?’ That’s just one of the many tools that have become a regular part of my life through Gayle’s insight and wisdom.  This book is truly a gift.”
- Tammy Kenyon, special education teacher

“This beautiful and profoundly moving book is a gift to the world.  Simple, honest and heartfelt truth on every page.  I love the poems as well as the prose.  It will be enormously helpful to anybody – not just parents, and not just parents of kids with autism.  Highly recommended!”
- Kimberley Hare, UK, author of The Heart of Thriving:  Musings on the Human Experience

“Space of Love is a simple and heartfelt read. It leads the reader to reflect deeply about the benefits of acceptance, trust, and living in the moment. You finish this book feeling a natural calm and a newfound confidence that life will be well, loving and living with autism. A beautiful and inspirational read.”
- Kimberly Isaac-Emery, MSc, autism specialist and family consultant

“We often cannot see our own forests through the trees. Gayle reminds us to not only ‘breathe’ but give ourselves a break.  When our child was young, I wrote that ‘autism entered my life without permission and stole my peace.’  Now he is a man, and I realize that my peace has taken a different complexion. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes very sad, this is my reality. I have learned to brush myself off and count my blessings. He is our guiding force. When he soars, I fly. Resilience is the operative word. My first blog was coined resilient mom. I think I grew into the moniker, and I know Gayle gets this more than most.”
- Robin Hausman, mom of son with autism

“No one knows a child as well as a mother, and no one understands the demands on the mother of an autistic child like this mother, Gayle Nobel.  Her dedication to her son Kyle has been marked by intelligence, creativity, and devotion.  Her personal journey has taught her much.  This book is her intent to share her achieved knowledge with mothers like her.  Her suggestions are practical and caring.  I recommend Space of Love to every parent of a child with autism.”
- Drake D. Duane, MS, MD, Director, Institute for Developmental Behavioral Neurology/Biological Psychiatry, former associate professor of neurology, Mayo Medical School Rochester, Minnesota, and clinical professor of neurology, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix

 "Enormously helpful to anybody – not just parents, and not just parents of kids with autism.  Highly recommended!”
- Kimberley Hare, author of The Heart of Thriving:  Musings on the Human Experience

"This is a guide to the mindful parenting of exceptional individuals, with respect, insight and pure delight!"
- Raun Melmed, MD Co-founder and medical director, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, and author of Autism and the Extended Family.

“I found Space of Love incredibly human, practical, wise, and extremely helpful for parents of children with autism.
~Joseph Bailey, licensed psychologist and author of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, The Serenity Principle, and many others.

Gayle has written a beautiful and powerful testament to the human spirit. She writes with raw honesty about her experience as a mother with an autistic child and her incredible insights that apply to every human being. Her poetry sprinkled throughout provides the space to breathe in her wisdom and see that same wisdom within yourself. This is a book for every single person. It will touch your heart, your mind and your spirit.
- Review

As a mother of a son with autism I can totally appreciate the journey that Gayle has walked. In her book she shares her heart and soul ...her growth as a human being, inspired by her son. Whether you have a special needs person in your life or not, we all face challenges. Her stories, poetry, essays will inspire, uplift, and encourage you to be all that you can be on this journey called life.
- Kathy Almeida, Author