Born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Sylvia Nobel learned to read by age four, and began writing short stories by the time she was seven. When she was fifteen, she and her family relocated to Cave Creek, Arizona. After the first sweltering summer, she had doubts about her new home, but now passionately loves this rugged western state, which serves as the setting for each of her seven novels. All are thoroughly researched, based on actual news sources and then combined with real life events, which give her novels the feel of reality.

DEADLY SANCTUARY, the first book in the best-selling Kendall O’Dell mystery series, is based on the town of Wickenburg, AZ and features feisty red-haired investigative reporter, Kendall O’Dell as she risks her life to pursue a story involving the suspicious deaths of two teenage girls. Ms. Nobel is also one of the producers of the film version that is now available throughout U.S. and Canada at retail stores and streaming online on many platforms. Both the book trailer and film trailer can be viewed at www.niteowlbooks.com as well as the first chapters of each book, reader comments, TV appearances and much more.

In adventure #2, THE DEVIL’S CRADLE, Kendall’s next assignment takes her to a remote gold mining town set deep in the Dragoon Mountains in southern Arizona. Kendall is thrust into a perilous situation as she tries to help a young heiress with a questionable past claim her inheritance. The setting is based on the charming town of Bisbee and then combined with the ghost towns of Gleason, Pierce and Cortland to form the dying mining community of Morgan’s Folly. Very few readers guess the ending!

The 3rd adventure, DARK MOON CROSSING, is based on the border towns of Sasabe and Arivaca. Intrepid reporter Kendall O’Dell investigates the mysterious disappearance of a co-worker’s relatives who illegally cross the Mexican border into Arizona. The unexpected ending will leave readers breathless!

Adventure #4, SEEDS OF VENGEANCE, has Kendall staying near home to investigate the mysterious and gruesome death of a local judge. This novel features Prescott, Congress, Yarnell & Wilhoit as well as Castle Valley. Ms. Nobel delights Kendall O’Dell fans with another signature surprise ending!

Adventure #5, FORBIDDEN ENTRY, takes Kendall into the snow-covered Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona to investigate the questionable death of a young couple and her sleuthing leads her to the hidden community of Raven Creek where she finds the key to the dangerous and startling mystery.

In Adventure #6, BENEVOLENT EVIL, Kendall investigates the strange disappearance of 3 young women and she suspects human trafficking when she discovers ex-con and registered sex offender, Nelson Trotter is involved. Her search for answers takes her to the small towns of Aguila and Bagdad, AZ and a ranch that houses an abandoned church and mansion. Her efforts to expose the dark and horrific secret lead her to the brink of death.

Ms. Nobel also authored the romantic suspense novel, Chasing Rayna, set in Tucson and A Scent of Jasmine, which is set in Phoenix.

In addition to writing novels, Sylvia is also a sought-after speaker at bookstores, libraries, fund-raisers, book clubs, and many other organizations where she presents “THE TIMELESS FASCINATION OF THE WHODUNIT’. In this absorbing discussion, she examines the unique construction of this popular genre and delves into the major components that are crucial to the development of a successful mystery story. She can also discuss the experience of transitioning from author to film producer and the fascinating behind-the-scenes details involved in the making of the film, Deadly Sanctuary.

Ms. Nobel is a member of Mystery Writers of America and her titles are available worldwide in print as well as eBooks at most retail and online bookstores. We invite readers to FRIEND and follow Sylvia Nobel on Instagram and her Facebook page, the Sylvia Nobel Fan Page and join the Fan Club to receive the Fan Club Newsletter. http://www.facebook.com/SylviaNobelFanPage


Sylvia is available to speak at your next event. She has several lively and informative presentations including "The Timeless Fascination of the Whodunit" where she explains the blueprint of how to write a successful mystery novel. Entertaining for those who love to read mystery novels or those who may want to try their hand at writing one! Contact Sylvia for your next presentation at: 602-618-0724

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