Sylvia Nobel resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is the author of the popular Kendall O’Dell mystery series. Each of her thrill-packed novels is based on actual newspaper articles and features, feisty, flame-haired reporter, Kendall O’Dell. From that starting point, she allows her imagination to take flight as she crafts meticulously researched stories designed to captivate the reader and provide “edge-of-your-seat, stay-up-all-night” entertainment for ages 12 to 100! She makes sure the reader feels like he or she is actually a participant in each exciting adventure as her vivid word pictures showcase the grandeur of wide-open desert vistas, majestic canyons and breathtaking mountain ranges. Readers experience the heat of the sun and the sting of blowing sand, listen to the rumble of thunder during an Arizona monsoon, and smell the pungent scent of creosote bushes in the desert following the rain. Back-dropped by this uniquely beautiful scenery, Sylvia’s goal is to create spine-tingling suspense that will leave the reader spellbound and always wanting more


Sylvia is available to speak at your next event. She has several lively and informative presentations including "The Timeless Fascination of the Whodunit" where she explains the blueprint of how to write a successful mystery novel. Entertaining for those who love to read mystery novels or those who may want to try their hand at writing one! Contact Sylvia for your next presentation at: 602-618-0724

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