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10 October 2014

Meet the Cast

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Meet the Cast



Rebekah Kochan plays the feisty redhead Kendall O’Dell, Castle Valley News, newest investigative reporter.

Kochan’s career as a standup comic and actress serve her well portraying the fearless investigative reporter who flirts her way into getting a story as well as the eye of two wealthy gentlemen.

Her character is endearing and the audience is rooting for her success, both as a journalist and with her love interest.

Kochan had worked with director Nancy Criss on previous projects and had a shorthand for delivering just what the director wanted. Her can-do attitude and onset lighthearted comedic demeanor made her a joy to work with as all of the cast and crew can attest.

Follow Kendall’s adventures online at : https://www.facebook.com/kendallodellfanclub




Handsome Marco Dapper stars as wealthy cattle rancher Bradley “Tally” Talverson. Dapper has been a soap opera star on the Young and the Restless as Carmine Basco for over 90 episodes in 2012 and 2013. His ruggedly handsome good looks have earned him modeling jobs for Levi’s jeans. Previously working with Rebecca Kochan helped make the chemistry between the two of them pop on the screen with comedic flirtations.

A Facebook fan page for Tally gained rapid acceptance among the ladies and continues to grow. https://www.facebook.com/TallyFanClub





Dean Cain, is everywhere these days, but is best known for the TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. He seems to be a regular on Lifetime movies about Christmas and animals. His fan base is incredible following him to every project. Currently he lends his name to a charity benefiting the homeless from the sale of bacon!

In his role as Roy Hollingsworth, Cain was the Yavapai County Sheriff in the town of Castle Valley investigating the deaths of several teenagers.




Eric Roberts, major Hollywood icon, plays Tugg, the Castle Valley News Publisher. The consummate professional, Roberts delivered his lines flawlessly. Everyone on set found him to be charming and easy-going. His warmth translated to the screen.

Roberts history in Hollywood is legendary with credits dating back to 1974. He’s best known for his role in the 2008 Batman movie starring Christian Bale. Many of his roles are the edgier bad guy characters.

But in this production he portrays a newspaperman in a small town trying to keep the doors open and having his health suffer under all the stress.




Paul Green stars as Phoenix attorney Eric Heisler.

Best known for his role of Philip McAdams in the TV series Bitten, which has won him a huge fan base among young women, Green brings eight years of acting experience and dashing good looks to the complicated role in Deadly Sanctuary.




Daniel Baldwin brings his substantial acting ability to the complex role of Dr. Price.

Known as one of the famous acting Baldwin brothers, Daniel is typically relegated to the roles of the evil protagonist. Vampires in 1998 and born on the Fourth of July in 1989 are two of the highlights of his career. Although he has worked pretty continuously with multiple film and television projects every year.




Teri Lee portrays the bubble gum smacking likable secretary, Ginger King at the Castle Valley News newspaper office. She quickly becomes Kendall O’Dell’s best friend and confidante.

Teri Lee’s acting experience has been often linked to director Nancy Criss, as the director finds her extremely talented and easy to work with at her fast pace.

Lee’s character comes off very down to earth, if a little quirky with a southern twang. Always matchmaking, she knows everybody and does all she can to bring people together.




Bobbi Jeen Olson is best known for her roles in Stolen Women, Captured Hearts in 1997, Tales of the Frontier in 2012. She has numerous TV credits, both as an actress and a stunt woman. She is especially proficient on a horse, living on a cattle ranch in southern Arizona previously owned by John Wayne. Her stunt work includes episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger in 1988. She played Etta Place in the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid TV series called Gunfighters of the West. She recently was host of the Internet television show Arizona Country TV. She's also an extremely successful runway and print model for high-fashion and Western wear.





Terri Minton (on left) is Lucinda the cafe owner who is hot for Tally. Her look of hate towards Kendall makes you believe a cat fight will start any minute. Is she the one trying to scare Kendall away?

You might remember Terri in a role opposite Tim McGraw in the film Country Strong. She was also in A Horse for Summer opposite Dean Cain and directed by Nancy Criss.