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Watch the exciting movie trailer for "Deadly Sanctuary," adapted from the first book in the Kendall O'Dell series by the same title. Find out where the full-length movie is available for viewing!  
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One of the greatest adventures of my life was over.  After16 years of countless fits and starts, disappointments and dashed hopes, my efforts to transform Deadly Sanctuary into a film finally paid off.  This was indeed a dream come true!

As my co-producer and director Nancy Criss said, “Independent filmmakers wear many hats."  Boy, was she right!  During the pre-production process and on the set, I wore a great many hats.  Not only was I the writer, I also served as the location scout, a producer, executive producer, stand-in, extra, production assistant, casting director, problem solver and major decision maker in many cases.  I worked 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And I’m not complaining for one second as I relished being an integral part of the movie making process.  It was interesting, exhausting, enlightening and hugely exciting to watch the process unfold and blossom before my eyes.  It was surreal to watch the actors breathe life into the cast of characters who have resided inside my head for such a long time and I can’t wait for my fans to share in the excitement of being able to view Deadly Sanctuary on the big screen.  How many authors ever get a chance to see their work produced?  How many authors get to play a major role in overseeing the actual film production?  Not many.

It was such a joy to watch actress Rebekah Kochan capture the quirky essence of Kendall O’Dell’s unique spirit and bring her to life.  It was equally amazing to observe Marco Dapper capture the serious personality of rancher Tally Talverson and create a compelling onscreen chemistry with Rebekah.  And Teri Lee.  Oh my!!  She had the whole cast and crew in stitches with her tongue in cheek characterization of Kendall’s best friend Ginger King.  She was absolutely delightful.  

Actress Teri Minton slipped into the role of the naughty Lucinda with ease and obviously had a marvelous times playing the role of Kendall’s nemesis.  Paul Greene, who is a really gentle soul in person, as well as a fine guitar player and singer, transformed himself into bad-ass Eric Heisler and gave a terrific performance.  Eric Roberts slipped easily into his role as Morton Tugg and Dean Cain seemed to have a grand time playing sheriff Roy Hollingsworth.  Michael Emory had a lot of fun with the role of smarmy Deputy Duane Potts and last but certainly not least, Bobbi Jeen Olson’s transformation into the complicated personna of Claudia Phillips was nothing short of astounding.  What a fabulous performance. And everyone on the set had an absolute ball working with Daniel Baldwin as Dr. Price.  What a funny guy!  He has a real flair for comedy, even though the part called for him to play someone downright evil.  And all the rest of the cast in smaller roles did an amazing job as well.  You can check out the whole cast here:

And I was totally impressed by the hard work and dedication of the film crew.  So many people stepped forward to help make this film a reality and my heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of them for helping to make this amazing experience possible.  So now that we have entered the post-production phase, we wait.  We wait for editing, sound, musical score, special effects and much more as the process continues until we have a finished product.  I hope that you will all be thrilled with the results!